Global Day of Action

Last Wednesday, November 2, the Tibetan Youth Congress and other Tibetan advocacy groups staged worldwide rallies to protest Chinese repression and occupancy of Tibet, particularly the recent crackdown on Kirti Monastery in Ngaba and the resulting self-immolations. Since last March, 11 monks and nuns have set themselves on fire in protest of Chinese rule (including a nun on Nov. 3, since this protest). The first one was in 2009, making a total of 12 Tibetans who’ve felt the only way to be heard was to make such a shocking sacrifice. For more details, check International Campaign for Tibet’s fact sheet.

Here’s a video from the protest in Washington, DC, which began at the Chinese Embassy and ended at the White House. Speakers include the president of the Tibetan Youth Congress, Tsewang Rigzin; two members of the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress in Minnesota, President Jigme Ugen and Sangay Taythi; as well as Jamyang Norbu, noted writer/activist/blogger (and in previous postings here and here).

Note: for some reason the video was squished after I uploaded it to vimeo (it shouldn’t have those black bars at each side). I’ll get if figured out soon, but if there’s interruptions in the video on this blog, try the link to youtube at the right. –LC

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